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About Us

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Jim Williams - Senior Tech & Shop Manager

Technical Excellence at Your Service

The most important element in determining the quality of mechanical performance is the experience and artistry of the technicians.

Our Leadership Team

Code Red Repairs is woman-owned and family operated. Judy Williams, principal of the JE Williams Group, is CRR's owner, and Jim, her husband, lends his ASE/EVT/CET certified expertise & over 40 + years' experience to shop operations as senior tech and shop supervisor for CRR and for other JE Williams holdings, including Shenandoah Valley Diesel (SVD), a Diesel & Gas Repair Shop, and Clean Planet Mfg.  & Labs, Inc, a sustainable manufacturing company. 


Code Red Repairs and SVD employ some of the most experienced and talented technicians in the area. Our master technicians hold ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certification, and our lead tech holds EVT (Emergency Vehicle Technician) and CET (Certified Environmental Technician) certifications. Our team brings a career filled with rich mechanical experiences that blend to make our service thorough and accurate for our customers.

Commitment to Details

Our technicians bring a focused and committed passion for excellence to the job. They treat each job with the same care as they would for their own family members.

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